Excalibur Arena Begins, PUBG Lite Players Go To The Tournament!

Excalibur Arena Begins, PUBG Lite Players Go To The Tournament!

The first tournament of Excalibur Arena begins with PUBG, with the aim of bringing together all amateur and professional gamers who love to play the world’s most popular games globally. The PUBG Lite Tournament, which will be held on the DLive streaming platform , starts on September 19 .

Excalibur and DLive, one of the leading brands in the game world, join forces by establishing a partnership and expect to meet with all game lovers as of September 19 with the Excalibur Arena PUBG Lite Solo Tournament .

Rewards at the end of the tournament!

The tournament, which will be attended by all individuals from our country who have completed the age of 18 and over the age of 18, will start on September 19, 2020; 2400 players will start competing in groups of 100 on Saturdays and Sundays over 4 weekends.

Each week the tournament will be held, the best 25 players of the week will stay in the final week, and the final game among the top 100 players will be held in the last week of the tournament .

What are the awards?

Excalibur Arena Begins, PUBG Lite Players Go To The Tournament!

Excalibur Arena Begins, PUBG Lite Players Go To The Tournament!

In the Excalibur Arena, where a fierce competition will prevail, both the winners of the tournament, those who participate in the tournament and those who watch this tournament broadcast will receive beautiful gifts and awards.

The PUBG Lite Tournament, which has a prize pool of 30 thousand Turkish Liras in total , will be experienced with fierce competition and excitement, and the tournament will follow the PUBG world with excitement, in-game prizes and game equipment will be distributed in addition to cash prizes.

Excalibur G770 for tournament winner

At the end of the tournament, which will last for 4 weeks, the winner of the competition will return home as the owner of the Excalibur G770 . Participants entering the top 10 list after the winner of the competition will receive a cash prize worth 10,000 TL in total.

Excalibur Arena Broadcast will take place on DLive

The Excalibur Arena tournament, which will start on Saturday, September 19, will start live on the DLive platform. In the broadcast, where even viewers will be lucrative, one person will have the opportunity to catch a Casper VIA G4 mobile phone, while all viewers will win 50 PUBG Lite in-game cosmetic codes .

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