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Dead Cells PS4/PS5 Version Cracked Unlocked Full Game Setup Free Download

Dead Cells Nintendo Switch Version Cracked Unlocked Full Game Setup Free Download

Dead Cells PS4/PS5 Version Cracked Unlocked Full Game Setup Free Download

I have never liked rogue-lite games. They seemed unnecessarily difficult and repetitive to me. And then I met Dead Cells.

Dead Cells is the work of Motion Twin, a French indie studio. The game, which has been in Early Access with smooth updates for a long time, reached the full version last August. Motion Twin has actually been producing games since 2001, but I hadn’t heard of any of these games before Dead Cells. The company seems to have an interesting idealistic structure, and this is highly reflected in their latest game Dead Cells. When this idealism is combined with the necessary devotion and effort, a wonderful game has emerged. So much so, “I hate Rogue-lite games!” of a quality that can turn even those who say it out of the way.

The game has “randomly generated” levels like most of the other rogue lite. So, each time you play, the structure of the levels and the map change. The only thing that stays the same is the theme of the episodes, the starting and ending points, and a few hidden treasures. And the game’s biggest challenge is that there are no signpoints. Yes, you didn’t hear it wrong; You do not have any chance to save in the game. This makes each game unique and you try to reach the end by learning a little more each time. For example, you start off with a different weapon, a different shield each time. If you want, you can start with an arrow and a sword without any shield, or you can pass your enemies by collecting traps. In fact, you may not even need to kill any enemy in the game, except for some boss battles. This unlimited combination of possibilities makes Dead Cells unique. Knowing that when you die in the game you will be back to the beginning, that’s why it doesn’t bother you that much.

“Collect, collect, collect, collect, collect, collect, collect!” – Doritos Alaturca advertisement, 2003
Another reason why you don’t bother dying in our Fall Dead Cells game is that you collect some new weapon and shield drafts every time you play and put them in your inventory in the next game. This is especially useful for your first few games. You start with a very simple sword, an arrow and a shield, and as you die and revive, you have very powerful weapons and shields that make your job easier. At the same time, many abilities are unlocked and these abilities that you can “combine” with your weapons allow you to go a good distance in a few hours of gameplay. Of course, sometimes it is quite possible for you to die too early or finish the chapters without collecting anything. In this case, at least you collect balls called “cell”. Cells are like a kind of currency that allows you to unlock new abilities in the game.

Another thing you collect in the game is the scrolls that you encounter randomly in the levels. These scrolls, which are unknown whether they are elder or not, allow you to develop one of three basic combat styles. These three fighting styles come across as attack, tactical, and survival. And these styles are paired with three colors: attack-red, tactical-purple, survival-green. The logic of these colors is that the weapons and shields you collect also have a color, and if these colors match the war style colors you have developed, you can have a stronger shield or weapon. This pushes the player to use some tactics in order to deepen the game and move forward. For example, if you collect traps and develop tactical and attack styles, After a while, you will see that you can kill any enemy without touching them. Or, if you improve your survival style with a good shield, you will be able to withstand long battles without dying. If you have chosen the right weapons and traps. In short, this endless combination situation extends to weapon, shield, trap selection and combat style selection. This is another element that makes each gameplay unique from each other.

Dead Cells PS4/PS5 Version Cracked Unlocked Full Game Setup Free Download

Although our character in the game disguises who he is in the form of an “Unknown Singer”, he can sometimes make him laugh when he interacts with the objects in the game or some other people. Particularly, the secret rooms added with the full version and some interactions that enhance the story allow you to take a breather while running from enemy to enemy and get a little detail about the game world. Although the story of the game is not clearly served, you can access a few details with a little effort and curiosity. Or, after a while, you might remember that you went to Hand of the King for the 32nd time and feel sorry for yourself.

Dead Cells Souls
Although Dead Cells is not a Dark Souls, it can get haircut with the difficulty of their bosses. Fortunately, you don’t see a boss per step like in Dark Souls. There are three bosses that appear at the end of certain episodes, and the first of them becomes killer after a few plays. The second boss can also be defeated with a proper strategy and good drafts collected. However, Hand of the King, the last boss, causes you to die without understanding what you have been through when you first encounter with the traps and the attack type. Then you realize that what you have to do throughout the game is to prepare for the Hand of the King, not the enemies that change from level to level. Living with Doğukan’s “ Dark Souls and ‘git gud’ mantraThe “git gud” strategy, which he mentions in his article, also applies to Dead Cells. For this reason, if you are increasing the time you spend killing enemies on your way to Hand of the King, or you are starting to lose a lot of HP, it might be best to even start the game over. Be sure, it can be a bit annoying to lose all the cells and other items you’ve collected until you reach HotK.

All of this might sound annoying to someone who hasn’t played Dead Cells and hates roguelite games. But that’s not the case, believe me. The game is designed in such a way that when you die and go back to the beginning, you don’t feel like you have lost everything, but as if you have progressed. This was probably the case with rogue-lite’s before Dead Cells, but I haven’t tried any of them because I didn’t like this game genre at all. Yeah, I’m a fool. No, no, really. I am. After trying Dead Cells and fainting, I got into two other games named Enter the Gungeon and Spelunky, and I’m ready to bury my watches in those two. Because for me “Rogue-lite is the new RPG.” In the past, I didn’t think I’d spend hours like this on non-RPG games, but now I’m looking at new rogue-lite games. Dead Cells, “Can a game make you love a whole genre?” One of the games that clarify the answer to the question. Just as you play Skyrim and fall in love with RPG, Age of Empires and real-time strategy, Dead Cells is a game that has fallen in love with the rogue-lite genre.

Dead Cells PS4/PS5 Version Cracked Unlocked Full Game Setup Free Download


                                                    Here’s How to Install the Game?

Follow All Steps Given

  1. Click on the “Download Game” button to start Installation.
  2. Download Installer (Note Down: Current Setup Supports Resumable Downloads).
  3. Open the Installer, Click Next and choose the directory where to install.
  4. Let it Download Full Version game in your specified directory and choose the location Where to install game.
  5. Open the Game and Enjoy Playing Full Version Game.

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