The Elder Scrolls Online: How to Become a Werewolf or Vampire

The Elder Scrolls Online: How to Become a Werewolf or Vampire

The Elder Scrolls Online: How to Become a Werewolf or Vampire

The Elder Scrolls Online is filled with many secrets and mythical creatures, Werewolf and Vampire are two of the most powerful that players can be. Every transformation has strengths and weaknesses that tend to take advantage of certain types of builds. For example, a Stamina build is preferred for a Werewolf, and a Spell build is a great way to take advantage of a Vampire transformation. Being either creature also unlocks a corresponding skill line to discover and a quest that gives you powerful ways to exploit the two creature types.

In The Elder Scrolls Online, being a Werewolf or Vampire comes with its own stats that can be of immense value or cause significant damage to the player. If we look at the Vampire, the higher the Vampire level after transforming, the health generation will drop like a stone. On the other hand, the cost of Vampire skills will drop by a large margin. If a player feeds, the Vampire level increases. If they are not fed, it will decrease. Any Werewolf player will gain a healthy Stamina regen and overall Stamina increase, as well as a speed boost. But werewolves are more susceptible to the Elder Scrolls Online warrior’s guild skills and poison attacks.


How to Become a Werewolf or Vampire in The Elder Scrolls Online

There are three ways to transform into a Werewolf or a Vampire in The Elders Scrolls Online. The first method, where 1,500 Crowns will give a player a Werewolf or Vampire Bite, is costly. Buying a bite with a crown is an expensive way to get the change, but not as effective as the second or third methods.

The second method is to go to the Rift, Bangkorai or Reaper’s March, get into a battle with the Werewolves or Vampires and have them bite the character. It may take a long time to get infected, but it’s free to do, which is better than the first way to get the status effect. After being attacked by both creatures a few times, check the character page for the Sanies Lupinus effect for Werewolves or the Vampirism effect for Vampires.

The Elder Scrolls Online: How to Become a Werewolf or Vampire

The last and easiest method is to go to a Werewolf or Vampire Shrine in The Elder Scrolls Online, go to global chat and ask someone for a bite to eat. Asking another player who can bite to deliver the effect is by far the least time-consuming, but some players may request a gold payout, so make sure you take the bite first, then pay them.


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