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Ed-0: Zombie Uprising – Update 0.4.3 [16.05.22]

Ed-0: Zombie Uprising - Update 0.4.3 [16.05.22]

● Balance Adjustments:
– Improved the tutorial at the start of the game
– The tutorial stage can be selected in Hokusai Studio
– Improved some “Help” descriptions
– Reduced hardness time on simple defense
– Changed so that enemies don’t move immediately when the event occurs
– Changed to allow all attacks in ZEN mode were critically damaged
– Removed some enchantments
– Changed the effects of some enchantments
– Rendered traps in certain quests
– Changed upgrades when secret arts need to be enhanced
– Changed so that the right trigger (left click) can be used to throw the selected currently the subject is in aiming mode
– Changed so that the key configuration cannot be selected from the “Options” menu on the title screen
– Changed so that there will almost always be a different color Torii Gate in each level
– Changed the samurai’s step back when he
attacks “”Reed Split” “DO -GE-ZA”)
– Adjusted the overall combat balance
– Adjusted the overall difficulty of the quest
– Adjusted the overall text notation

● Additional items:
– Added “HARD” and “AD” difficulty levels for main quests 1-3
– Added a function to the system menu forced escape if you’re stuck in the terrain
– Added a new key lookup event to open the Torii Gate
– Added a new feature to directly use items at the feet by long pressing the button

● Bug Fix:
 - Fixed a bug that Virtue could not be infused into the Sacred Tree
– Fixed a bug that caused the Torii Gate to not appear on the floor
– Fixed a bug that would cause the kill command to be given to an unkillable opponent
– Fixed a bug that prevented paralyzed enemies from being killed –
Fixed bugs around key configurations

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