How to make an accurate shot in FIFA 22

How to make a smart shot in FIFA 22.

The Slick Shot is one of the most important shot moves in FIFA 22 and can pay off a lot if you learn how to execute it consistently. Basically, a nimble kick is when a player hits the ball with the inside of the foot. However, similar to the way you pass the ball in FIFA 22, it is instead designed to get the ball into the net.

As you can imagine, a nimble shot won’t generate nearly as much power as a standard or thin shot. But it’s a great way to catch defenders by surprise and send the ball into the unreachable part of the goal.

To perform a precision kick in FIFA 22, you will need:

  • Press R1 + circle for PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5.
  • Press RB + B for Xbox One or Xbox Series X/S.

Timing will be critical here and you should always try to aim or go around the goalkeeper. Ideally, send the ball to the far corner of the net. Since this punch won’t have a ton of heat behind it, you should only use nimble punches when you’re getting close to the target and focus more on hitting than power.

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