How to unlock all characters in Vampire Survivors

In this Vampire Survivors character unlock guide, we’ll explain how to unlock every playable character in the game, including the secret ones.


In addition to the four starting characters in Vampire Survivors, each regular character is associated with a Steam achievement and an unlock node in the unlock menu. Unlike their regular counterparts, secret characters don’t have associated achievements or nodes, so you’ll need a guide like this to see if you have them all.

Once you unlock a Vampire Survivors character, their silhouette will appear on your character selection screen the next time you start a run. However, you will need to buy a new character with gold if you really want to play it.

Below are all the requirements and abilities for each Vampire Survivor character as of patch 0.5.205.


Peronage Unlock Method Starting weapon Ability
Antonio N/A Whip Takes 10% more damage every 10 levels (max +50%)
Imelda N/A Magic wand Gain 10% more experience every 5 levels (max +30%)
Pasqualina N/A Runetracer Projectiles become 10% faster every 5 levels (max +30%)
Gennaro N/A Knife Permanent +1 projectiles (all weapons)
Arch Upgrade your Fire Wand to level 4. fire wand Weapon cooldown is reduced by 5% every 10 levels (max -15%).
Porta Get Lightning Ring to level 4 Ring of Lightning Permanent +30% area, starts with temporary cooldown bonus
lama Survive 20 minutes with at least 10% Curse. Axe Gain +5% Strength, Movement Speed ​​and Curse every 10 levels (max +20%).
By Upgrade Garlic to level 7 Garlic Permanently +25% pickup radius and -30 maximum health.
Clerici Recover a total of 1000 HP. Santa Water Permanently +0.5 HP regen and +50 maximum health, starts with a temporary area bonus.
Dommario Earn 5000 kunas in one playthrough Royal bible Permanently +40% duration and speed, -40% movement speed
Crochi Defeat a total of 100,000 enemies Cross Starts with 1 respawn, gains 1 more respawn at level 33.
Christine Get Pentagram to level 7 Pentagram Starts with 1 additional level
Punyala Find and open the coffin in the Madwood. Piera Der Tuphello Gain +1% Strength per level
Giovanna Find and open the coffin in the Inliad Library. Gatti Amari Gain +1% projectile speed per level
poppea Find and open the coffin at the Dairy. Song of Mana Gain +1% duration per level
Concetta Find and open the coffin in Gallo’s tower. Gear of Shadow Gains 1% area each level
Mortaccio Defeat a total of 3,000 skeletons Bone Gains more projectiles every 20 levels (max +3)
Cavallo Defeat a total of 3,000 lion heads Cherry Bomb Gains more projectiles every 20 levels (max +3)
Ramba Defeat a total of 3,000 Milk Elementals. carrello Gains more projectiles every 20 levels (max +3)
O’Sole Defeat a total of 3,000 dragon shrimp. sky dust Gains more projectiles every 20 levels (max +3)
Exdash Exiviiq Enter “x-x1viiq” in the main menu. ebony wings Bad stats, extra cooldown, high luck
Tosti Defeat the Stalker or Drowner after unlocking Exdash. Hold and type when Toastie briefly appears on the screen. Pichon Bad stats, bonus movement speed, bonus cooldown, high luck
Mask of the Red Death kill death death spiral Bonus Health, Movement Speed, and Strength
Leda Defeat the boss in the Gallo tower by constantly going down. holy wand Bonus armor, power and area. Reduced cooldown and movement speed

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