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Unturned: Update [16.05.22]

Unturned: Update [16.05.22]

List of changes:

  • “Haven Across” music by staswalle on the PEI loading screen.
  • “Scaling the sensitivity of the focal length” to adjust the sensitivity in accordance with the ratio of the sight / optical projection.
  • Controls the option to use the “legacy” sensitivity scaling prior to update
  • Masking brush for cutting holes in the relief.
  • Requires_NonZero_Attachment_Caliber pistol option to disable vanilla attachments.
  • Passenger Unity events for vehicles and towers.
  • Modulo NPC math operations and B_Value as alternative/default for B_ID.
  • The Cost_Multiplier parameter in the level asset skill rules.
  • Zombie option “infinite aggro range” for each nav mesh.
  • Button “Browse files” in the list of maps of the editor.


  • Flashbang Grenade briefly flashes a light component when detonated.
  • The “devkit” landscape tools are merged into a regular editor.
  • Hole volumes in Germany, Hawaii, and Greece have been updated to new hole masks.
  • Improved foliage responsiveness by spiraling outwards.
  • Mythic Freeze has been updated to new snowflake particles.
  • Melee_Repair_Multiplier is separate from Melee_Damage_Multiplier.
  • Replaced German grass materials with greener options.


  • The map preview image is incorrectly sized on the single player, editor, and server screens.
  • Memory leak in foliage viewport focus option with dual renderports disabled.
  • Don’t let the sky crane lift the destroyed cars.
  • Black water mask in the main menu when logging out underwater.
  • A prop with a quest condition that is not updated when the quest is abandoned.
  • Decals are considered “small” in the object list filter.
  • Locked brakes with vehicle physics profile braking model override.
  • Placeholder workaround for false aid package landing prediction.
  • Re-apply oil on sandy material.

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