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Kapital: Sparks of Revolution Game Full Edition Direct Link 2022 Free Download

Kapital: Sparks of Revolution Game Full Edition Direct Link 2022 Free Download

Kapital: Sparks of Revolution Game Full Edition Direct Link 2022 Free Download



“Capital” for the young “Atlants”

Hello, comrades, today you will be given a lecture on the topic: “Is there anything from the same Capital in the new game for electronic computers called “Capital: Sparks of Revolution” from citizens from the Lapovich Team?” Begin! So, comrades, no, in Kapital: Sparks of Revolution there is nothing at all from Capital, even though everyone has heard about the book. Even the classes here managed to distort! This lecture is over, you can ask questions.

I’m sorry, what? If there is no “Capital” there, then what is there anyway? Oh, it’s simple: an ordinary “city planner”, pretty much borrowed from the series about a tropical island and dictatorial habits, it’s just all seasoned with a division into three (for some reason) classes. The authors immediately tighten the screws, sending an innocent new mayor to a war-torn city. It has a broken palace and several unburned houses. The wreckage must be dismantled and the residence repaired. Do you need such a hulk when the people around hang out around the fires, eating the last rats without salt? Down with such thoughts! They said do it – do it!

Meanwhile, in the midst of the ruins, workers, bourgeois and unfinished nobles stagger. The former work in factories, the latter and third in institutions. We need to somehow recover, people need somewhere to live and something to eat, and then it is also desirable to have a rest mentally. Since here we do not have a German school of philo … excuse me, urban planning, then we should not expect any gigantic production chains. Resources with a gulkin nose: wood, wheat, food, stone, steel, and you still need to live to the last two points – don’t get confused, in general. Since there is not so much space, wheat is brought by train several times a day – no fields or other husks for you. Wood is mined in factories, as are bricks with iron. Bread and “liquid food” are made from wheat. The rest is done simply out of money. That, in fact, is all – it remains to balance it all and achieve

Why can the palace be burned down, you ask? Let’s start from afar. Gold is taken from taxes that only the bourgeois pay, but this can be fixed. Also, specie falls into the account when the population goes to eateries, taverns or attends cultural events. To make it all work, you need to establish an uninterrupted production of food and materials, and everything happens around: either the train breaks down, or the house catches fire, or the epidemic starts. At the same time, the authors immediately show their insides, clearly separating the structures of the workers and the bourgeoisie from the aristocracy. The former huddle in wooden huts and eat in canteens and taverns. The second and third have beautiful mansions, bistros and variety shows. The latter live, however, together in houses, but you can always separate them so that they do not rub shoulders with each other. Workers are not allowed to see the masters.

In order for everything to more or less function, it is necessary to pass laws, as well as build additional institutions such as an academy of sciences, a market, a police station, a prison, or even a cemetery. Yes, people are mortal, often suddenly, so you can’t do without a hospital and a graveyard – otherwise they will get sick and die right on the streets, violating the harmonious beauty of the city with their bodies. Burial grounds can be replaced by a crematorium (there is such a law), but you will have to pay for this, which no one likes. And so at the expense of the budget they will dig in, and okay.

And all this activity is necessary so that the palace is not set on fire. Because people want to eat delicious food and have a good rest: if everything is there, they will rejoice and even arrange all kinds of balls, festivities or take on increased obligations for the production of wood or bread. If there is nothing to eat, and beer has not been delivered, they may rebel. You can, of course, call on the police to calm down, but you need a lot of it, so it’s often easier to let people get to the palace and have plenty of fun, showering it with Molotov cocktails. They will disperse, calm down and disperse. You, most importantly, do not forget to repair it later so that it does not fall apart completely, otherwise the end.

Periodically, all sorts of petitions are received from citizens who need to decide what affects the favor of a particular class, or they may suddenly ask to sell something. Meanwhile, the police service investigates crimes, patrols the streets, and if a couple of laws are passed and a few buildings are built, they will be able to put criminals in jail or even catch and interrogate in a special department, followed by being sent to expense (well, if the mayor’s soul so desires). The Academy of Sciences invents all sorts of typhoid vaccines, new tools, or even buildings. There are also laws, the adoption of which allows you to promote the wishes of a particular class. And all this for the sake of an endless struggle with mortality, lack of homes and robberies of warehouses. All in all, sheer pain.

What, another question? But what about “Sparks of Revolution” from the subtitle? Good question, let’s finish with the answer. You see, despite the fact that the classes in the game periodically rebel, there is no “Spark of Revolution” here at all. But through the thought it is possible to achieve the creation of a people’s republic! True, nothing will change this: the workers will still work hard at the factories, but they will be allowed to work in the police and live in wooden houses that can be improved to stone ones. It will not be possible to overthrow the system, as well as to expropriate their houses from the rich. The factories belong to no one knows who (apparently – personally to the mayor), so the inevitable struggle between classes is erased, everyone is fighting with the head, but not with the economic system. Yes, it can be changed through laws, but all this is a silly letter, because the nobles will not go anywhere,

There is no trace of what Karl Marx described in Kapital: Sparks of Revolution, but the young Atlantis will have expanse. Only here behind the catchy name is an ordinary city-building simulator, devoid of any noticeable desire to do something interesting or new. All this was already in the same Tropico, only it was implemented much better there.

Kapital: Sparks of Revolution Game Full Edition Direct Link 2022 Free Download


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