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Motor Town: Update 0.6.5

Motor Town: Update 0.6.5

Improved /Changed
[Vehicle] Changed the names of some trucks and buses
[Vehicle] Changed the name of the trailer (thanks to majored1)
[Vehicle] Several vehicle prices increased due to additional parts (thanks to AussiePanda)
[Vehicle] Added trailer generator (thanks to ESS5 )
[Vehicle] The handbrake now does not cause the clutch to engage in a front-wheel drive vehicle, allowing burnout (thanks to Tehlikeliard)
[Vehicle] Titan’s 5th wheel location moved slightly forward (thanks to Rammy1992)
[Vehicle] Titan’s 5th wheel did not have the correct slope collisions (thanks to CarbonRevenge)
[Taxi] Taxi passengers now sit in the back seat and hitchhikers now sit in the front seat (thanks GreenDalek)
[Truck] Courier service now has a pay base
[Controller] You can now set a destination on the world map using a controller (gamepad) ( thanks r0zen) (you can change map control stick deadzone in gameplay option)
[Visualization] Changed eye adaptation so they don’t get too bright when looking at dark places (Thanks Ethan)
[Multiplayer] Added word filter to character name, server name and archive translation (Thanks to TheAussiePandaYT, HollowOne, Mr. Sandman, Furryman and Redddington [Red])
[Navigation] Navigation now requires fewer turns (thanks )
[UI] You can now change the name of the car in the garage
[UI] The vehicle spawn list now shows vehicle information (thanks hladych)
[UI] The paint slot button becomes disabled if the selected skin does not support this slot
[UX] Added ​brightness option (thanks to Mercer)
[UX] Added pursuit camera distance option
[AI] Autopilot now stops if fuel is empty (thanks to Vandragorax)
[World] More objects added
[World] Lighthouse near Sung-San raised (thanks to MajorReismann)
[Localization] Added Spanish language

Bug fix [Vehicle] Enfo GT body was slightly shifted to the left (thanks Smiff)
[Car] Could sleep in a kart (Thanks to vcharng)
[Car] Cheetah Mk1, Air City, School bus had a second differential (Thanks to majored1)
[Car] Eliza’s body material was broken (Thanks to TheAussiePandaYT)
[Car] ] The police interceptor didn’t have right virtual mirror (thanks to Knottypine)
[Vehicle] Stella’s taxi was lost (thanks to Tehlikeliard)
[Vehicle] TCS slows down the vehicle when reversing (thanks to FR13ND5 and NorthHopper)
[Shipping] Any Cargo accepted by the power plant (thanks to Fireboyd78)
[Police ] Clash with police or low speed collision charged (Thanks to Ethan V)
[UI] Refresh leaderboard button in main menu on some systems overlaps with character level (thanks NorthHopper)
[UI] Required cargo bay type for magazine was wrong (thanks TheAussiePandaYT)
[Sound] I4 90HP engine had V8 sound (Thanks Tehlikeliard)
[ World] The ground of the Jeju tuning shop did not match the building (Thanks to Reddington [Red])
[World] The fence on the skidpad was floating (Thanks to NorthHopper)
[World] No collision on the road near Gim Nyung Beach (thanks to 8Sh1t)
[UI] Error message did not appear after trying to teleport while being chased by the police (thanks to majored1, TheAussiePandaYT and NorthHopper)
[bus] Unable to continue bus route after reconnecting (thanks to PcmciaKai)
[Truck] Compressed trash collection made possible (thanks to Magnificent Microwave Casserole)

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