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Stellaris: Update #254 – 3.4.3 [19.05.22]

Stellaris: Update #254 - 3.4.3 [19.05.22]

Stellaris 3.4.3 Cepheus Patch Notes

Rebellion and Planet Stability Fixes and Changes:
When planets revolt, it is now possible to immediately declare war on a new country instead of having a 10-year truce. A rebellious planet is considered an aggressor. (if a planet joins another empire and you choose to go to war with them, the other country is now considered the aggressor).
Rebellion situations no longer cause stability issues to escalate, as this can make it impossible to stop the uprising. Now they give a flat 10 malus of stability in all stages.

The modifier that the population gets from their faction’s happiness now updates correctly (so if you make a faction happier, it will now correctly make its population happier).

Fixed a situation where an uprising situation could start and cancel immediately. (They will now only start if the planet is designed to currently be able to succeed in rebellion.)

Culture shock planets can now only start rebelling after 8 years of unrest instead of 1, as it would be quite it’s hard to avoid a riot on these planets. Otherwise, newly conquered planets have a 4-year cooldown.

Improved AI decision making in uprising situations.

Fixed cases where rebels and liberated empires had traditions and technologies they shouldn’t have access to (for example, if a non-gestalt population rebelled against a gestalt empire).

Fixed cases where rebels and liberated empires used scientists from their parent countries for research. That is, the researcher will be active in both countries until one country changes its task.

Removed confusing language in the uprising situation progress tooltip (describes what you can do about it).

Abyssians now replace 1 Politician (or Leader) position in the Habitat Admin Building with 2 Colonist positions, which should improve their overall stability at the start of the game.

Doomsday starting planets will no longer call for rebellion. (Rebellion situations are disabled on them.)

Scarcity fixes and changes:
To help them cope with unexpected scarcity, Empires can now buy basic or advanced resources (specifically food or consumer goods) from the domestic market if they have expenses of this type, even if they do not produce them themselves. .

Fixed Infinite Scarcity – If you run into a scarcity of a resource that you don’t produce at all and then stop spending it (i.e. end up with zero spending and income), the scarcity will now resolve in a few months. . This solves problems with machines having unexplained shortages of food and consumer goods, as well as cases where people overuse the rare resources they received as a result of the event.

All resources provided to save the deficit now scale based on the in-game year, and not just the situation that ended.

Fixed a case where the situational approach to reducing maintenance for habitats was halved.

Fixed occasional reference to minerals in a consumer goods shortage situation.

Item and Agreement Fixes and Changes:
Subjects should no longer switch between normal subject types and Protectorate.

Fixed an issue where a new subject created from the status quo could be composed of the wrong systems.

Subjects can no longer sign defensive treaties or guarantee the independence of other empires.

Freeing a sector as a subject or enlightening a civilization before FTL now ignores the cooldown when making an agreement.

Increased the influence of relative strength on the AI ​​acceptance of treaty negotiations.

Added basic acceptance for a subsidiary.

Changed AI acceptance of resource contribution conditions, making them more likely to accept tighter tithes/subsidies.

AI overlords and subjects are now more likely to accept special subject types that disagree with their ethics.

Set the Prospectorium’s minimum advanced resource tax from 30% to 15%


Correction of trades that were accepted and then immediately canceled.

Fixed an issue that caused the AI ​​to not take relative strength into account when considering submission offers.

You can no longer prioritize the overlord’s catalytic or metallurgical work.

Overlord catalytic jobs no longer have up to 3.4 penalties for food shortage.

Corporate overlords now have access to the protectorate subject type.

Slaves can now be “hired” as mind slaves.

Fixed an issue where deleting/replacing an overlord would remove corporate holdings.

Divided Patronage loyalty penalty is now correctly removed from existing subjects when choosing Common Destiny, Feudal Society, or Franchise.

You can no longer immediately see the secret allegiance status of sectors released as subjects.

Rebalanced weights for Specialized Item Leaders.

Subjects that convert to a specialist subject may continue to transform even if they must move to a protectorate.

Subjects that turn into a specialist cannot transfer to a protectorate due to their low level of technology.

Empires can no longer have negative diplomatic weight.

Game Stability Fixes and Changes:
Fixed a crash related to resetting the last population of a race.

Fixed a rare crash in the Situations UI.

Fixed a crash with modified ship sets.

Fixed a crash that could occur when creating very large galaxies with a high density of hyperbands.

Fixed a crash related to Federation Laws.

Fixes and changes related to
ship: Initial ship experience modifiers now work if they are granted to the whole empire (for example, the fleet supremacy edict)

. Fixed tracking not counteracting dodge.

Added missing ship components for Offspring ships.

Mercenary fleets are now buffed by Offspring Auras.

Added the missing “Naval battle L2” section for battleships “Descendants”.

Fixed an issue where ship build and upgrade cost modifiers were not applied correctly when upgrading ships.

Fixed some AIs (those with Calamitous Birth and Private Colony Ships) never colonizing.

You can no longer create mercenary enclaves using fleets owned by your federation or galactic community.

Other Fixes and Changes:
Human portraits from the past have been re-added as an option when creating an empire.

Fixed population growing as specialist in colonies.

Fixed tooltips that enter the quest exchange loop with unemployed specialists constantly resetting their strat down timers.

Beautification task management now activates even when there are no resources available to automate a planet.

Fixed a bug that prevented planetary automation from using resources from local sector stocks.
Planetary Automation will now check if the unemployed can work in jobs created by automation, for example by preventing the creation of specialized jobs for slaves.

Reduced the amount of research given by mercenary dividends.

Fixed a bug that caused systems with primitives not to migrate properly during the resolution of the status quo war.

A non-prophet organization now correctly checks for the origin of the Shroud Masters.

Fixed an issue where the “Star Performance” achievement was not awarded properly.

Underworld now shows unlocked mining areas on non-colonized worlds.

The Crystalline Bane modifier is now removed if you dishonorably kill a Crystal Kraken.

Ancestral Nest is no longer removed when terraforming a planet into a Hive World.

Hive worlds now provide descendant drones for parent hives instead of spawning drones.

Fixed Cyro Pod warrior event for xenophobes.

Encountering an Artist Enclave now sets the correct flag.

Added a tooltip to the branch creation button when players were unable to open a branch.

The Shroudwalker welcome event now only fires once.

Fixed tooltip for starbase resource storage.

New Known Issues

Localization for non-English languages ​​associated with these changes will come in a future update.
When negotiating an agreement, if the other party is unwilling to accept the terms but does not have the influence necessary to reject, a possible notice states that the timeout has expired and the trade is automatically rejected when in fact it was automatically accepted.

So what’s next?

We will continue to monitor things, so keep getting bug reports and feedback. We are currently planning to release the 3.4.4 update in a few weeks which will contain localization updates for the 3.4.3 fix, additional fixes and balance adjustments.

A brief overview of some of the things we are considering for the planned patch includes the following:

“Partial review of Stellaris 3.4.4”.
Imperial Fiefdom will start with colonies close to every member of their empire, so no one will feel left out. Those who feel especially loyal will now also be able to remain vassals of the empire after the start of the civil war.

Added hydroponics station designation to habitats. This designation removes 2 houses from residential areas in exchange for adding 1 Farm Job.

Ships now gain 5 experience per day in combat instead of 1.

Telepaths’ base unity has been doubled.

Khan should no longer be hostile to mercenaries.

Admirals no longer leave their post on leased fleets.

Planetary automation will no longer seek to build gene clinics if you are an artificially ascended empire.

Planetary Automation will now seek to clear blockers as soon as the need arises. It now uses the same formula as the indicator in the planner: i.e. does it limit the number of districts OR if there are buildings that can be built by removing blockers OR if the planet’s growth rate is declining (previous behavior was only to check the first one) .

Fixed a bug where planetary automation improved Necrophage pickup centers (which is often undesirable as it can cause you to run out of Necrophages). Now

Newly colonized planets will have their planet automation enabled if they are in an automated sector.

Made a few clarifications to Shroudwalkers to make it clearer what asset you get from them and how the planet modifier works.

You can no longer build an orbital ring around a planet with a destroyed orbital ring.

Added script trigger is_human_species if you want additional portraits to be treated as human.

Added on_fleet_lease_started/end on_actions for friendlier mod compatibility

. Added script trigger is_human_species if you want additional portraits to be treated as human.

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