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Winkeltje: The Little Shop – Update v7021

Winkeltje: The Little Shop - Update v7021


  • Graphics : Added support for 1920×1020 as this will help Windows 11 users who cannot remove the taskbar.



  • Achievements [C] – Fixed an issue with “Professional” in save files that was saving the wrong value for crafting station experience.
  • Build [C] – Fixed an issue that prevented furniture from being marked as invalid when needed.
  • Build [C] – Fixed an issue where wall furniture placed on an outside wall would always be marked as invalid when replacing a wall.
  • Furniture – A previous fix for wall-mounted furniture that could be placed when there were no walls in the game had a slight issue with this.
  • Input – Probably fixed an issue that caused the interaction and item pickup selector to fire when it shouldn’t.
  • Language – updated Czech translations.
  • [C] Objectives – Fixed an issue that caused the “Hire an Employee” objectives to run every time you loaded a save game.
  • Targets [C] – Fixed an issue that could cause the game to load (and launch) the same target multiple times.
  • Storage – Upgrading the basement storage should not be possible while the shop is open. Attempting to interact with basement storage while the store is open will now indicate this with a warning message.
  • UI – Improved the controller contextual prompt to pick up furniture so that it no longer appears when the shop is open.
  • User Interface – Czech Community Translator has been added to the credits.
  • UI [C] – Fixed an issue where “Alchemy Station” could not be selected on Switch.
  • UI [C] – Switching between max crafted and non-max crafted items in the crafting menu did not interrupt the skill progress animation and overwrite the correct value.
  • UI [C] – Gathering storage in the basement will now correctly indicate how much money will be returned in the tooltip, including all upgrade costs.

Update: v7021

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