Vampire Survivors: Update 0.6.1 [23/05/22]

Vampire Survivors: Update 0.6.1 [23/05/22]

New content
Contains 5 new achievements to unlock:
– 1 bonus stage
– 1 relic to access 2 secondary game mechanics
– 2 new arcana
– 1 more rank for “Skip” buff Changes

– Halved the base duration of Shadow Pinion and Valkyrie Turner
– Shadow Pinion and Valkyrie Turner’s Strike Attack has a damage bonus based on how long it has been “charged”
– Arcana XIX – Heart of Fire also affects Valkyrie Turner and Phiera Der Tuphello ‘s Strike Attack
– each additional point in armor now also increases retaliatory damage by 10%. NO FUTURE and Arcana XIX are currently hitting back
– Music and music mods can now be previewed on the stage selection screen.
– Rerolls can now be used to make arcana.

Fixes :
– Unfortunately, due to one of the new game mechanics, it’s time to fix the “Bone stuck in the boss” bug-
Preliminary fix for items sometimes not aligning near the end of the release

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